Introducing 15 New VeeFriends Characters!

There are 15 brand new characters being welcomed into the VeeFriends universe in our Series 2 Collection! Starting April 27th, eligible wallets will have an opportunity to mint them in exchange for BOOK GAMES NFTs

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15 New Characters

To mint any of the 15 new Series 2 characters, you will need to meet specific BOOK GAMES token requirements and enter a raffle. Each character will have its own daily raffle between April 27 and May 12.

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Introducing Emerald

The New Spectacular Rarity in Series 2

Starting on 4/25/22, there are 235 Emerald VeeFriends characters that will be auctioned off for 55 hours.

Spectacular Auctions

Every NFT comes with our new trading card game: VeeFriends Compete & Collect!

Each VeeFriends Series 2 NFT you mint includes exclusive access to redeem a box of 52 VeeFriends Collectible Trading Cards for free! Delivery Starts the week of 05/16/2022

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Play with GaryBee & Compete
for a High Score!

All VeeFriends Series 2 artwork and metadata will be revealed after the public mint ends. While we all wait, we can play our token pre-reveal game and strive to set new records! Don't forget to share your score if you and GaryBee journeyed far!

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