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VeeFriends x CoolKicks Collaboration

VeeFriends is excited to announce the release of our limited edition Flex'n Fox figurine in collaboration with CoolKicks. CoolKicks is a leading sneaker and collectibles boutique, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Series 1 and 2 Flex'n Fox Holders have until July 23, 2022, at 11:59PM ET to claim their gift and/or RSVP to the event.

Series 1 Spectacular Flex'n Fox Holders

Spectacular Flex'n Fox Holders (Bubble Gum, Diamond, Gold, Hologram, Lava) receive 1 FREE Flex'n Fox figurine.

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Series 1 Flex'n Fox Holders

Core, Rare, Very Rare, and Epic Flex'n Fox Holders receive early access to preorder a Flex'n Fox figurine.

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All Series 1 & Series 2 Flex'n Fox Holders

All Flex'n Fox Holders receive early store access to hang with GaryVee at the CoolKicks x VeeFriends event in Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday, July 24th @11AM-1PM PT.

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CoolKicks x VeeFriends Limited Edition Flex'n Fox Figurine

This debuts the FIRST limited edition VeeFriends collectible figurine, featuring the Flex’n Fox VeeFriends character. Flex'n Fox at times may be peacocking, strutting, and posturing to impress others, but we all know, underneath all the flex, lies a heart of GOLD. This exclusive summer ‘22 Flex’n Fox collectible figurine features a gold-colored electroplating coat derived from its original hand-sculpted model. Each figurine is individually crafted with care and precision for the highest quality.